About Nasal Masks

CPAP Nasal masks are a comfortable and effective solution for obstructive sleep apnea. They are adjustable, stylish, and quiet in performance. Nasal masks are ideal for individuals with Sleep Apnea who prefer a smaller mask that still delivers enough therapy to treat their every day sleep needs.

CPAP Solutions Ltd. is staffed with specially trained professionals to help you find the best mask fit possible. To find the right CPAP mask for you, consult with our on-staff Respiratory Therapists who will educate you on your sleep disorder, and answer all your CPAP related questions. At CPAP Solutions Ltd., we believe in providing the best quality products with unmatched services.

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ZEST Compact, quiet, and effortless to fit and use, the Zest™ Nasal Mask Range offers superb comfort. The innovative design of the Zest™ Nasal Masks combines the Easy-Clip Silicone Seal and Advanced Air Diffuser with proven technology that makes Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks perform so well. Simple to use and seal, the Zest™ Range…

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Lady Zest q

LADY ZEST Q She offers an over-the-nose solution that, like Zest, fits better, feels lighter and is easy to use. With her advanced Air Diffuser the Lady Zest Q is all about the peace and quiet. She won’t disturb anyone’s sleep with noise or draft

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Mirage™ Softgel

The Mirage™ SoftGel Nasal Mask offers exceptional comfort with ResMed’s renowned performance and quality. Easy and quick to fit, Mirage SoftGel is part of ResMed’s exclusive ConvertAble Series, giving you the choice of two mask cushions, Mirage Activa™ LT or Mirage SoftGel, on one durable frame. Featuring a soft touch with excellent support, Mirage SoftGel…

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Mirage Fx For Her

MIRAGE FX FOR HER Transform your therapy experience. Get ready for a transformation in nasal mask comfort. With its compact design, lightweight comfort and ultra soft headgear, you’ll love the openness and simplicity of the Mirage™ FX for Her. The Mirage FX for Her Small fits an even wider range of female users Specially designed…

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Mirage™ FX

MIRAGE™ FX Transform your therapy experience. Get ready for a new approach to nasal masks. The Mirage™ FX combines compact design, lightweight comfort and ultra soft headgear with a fit range specially designed to fit your unique features. Built with your comfort and convenience in mind, the Mirage FX will transform your therapy into a…

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TRUEBLUE It’s your complete package. The first blue gel nasal mask with Auto Seal technology. What if you could have a CPAP mask that was so comfortable and fit so well, it’s as if it wasn’t there at all? TrueBlue brings our best technologies together in one mask. Designed to push the limits of performance…

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