Sleep Apnea Education

Often times, when a person is diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, it is also the first time they’ve heard of this sleep disorder. When Sleep Apnea sufferers come into CPAP Solutions Ltd., it’s important to us that they have a full understanding of what is happening to them in their sleep, and how we plan to rectify it. We offer comprehensive CPAP education from our specially trained Respiratory Therapists for all our patients. CPAP education includes:

  • What is Sleep Apnea
  • How does Sleep Apnea affect my life
  • Cardiovascular risks relating to untreated Sleep Apnea
  • What is CPAP therapy, and how does it help treat Sleep Apnea

It’s our personal mission that Sleep Apnea sufferers have all their questions answered, and feel confident and secure with their new CPAP therapy.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Diagram shows OSA - Obstructive Sleep Apnea

CPAP Mask and Supplies

CPAP Solutions Ltd. carries masks and supplies able to suit every individual’s CPAP needs. Carrying all types of face masks from nasal pillows to full face masks, our on-staff Respiratory Therapists will be able to find the best mask to suit your individual shape. Our appointment rooms ensure mask fittings will be done privately and professionally, ensuring utmost comfort and security. CPAP Solutions Ltd. is also fully stocked with a full range of CPAP supplies. All types of tubing, filters, and humidifier chambers are available to keep your CPAP setup as clean, fresh, and functional as the day you received it.

Follow-Up Programs

At CPAP Solutions Ltd., our services don’t stop when you receive your very own CPAP machine. Our dedicated staff run follow-up programs for all patients ensuring that the Obstructive sleep apnea therapy set-up will continue to be successful and effective over time. Beginning with a follow-up phone call just weeks after the initial set-up, and continuing with regular 6-month follow-up appointments to run regular maintenance and check-ups of the CPAP machine and other equipment, the staff at CPAP Solutions Ltd. is committed to the success of your therapy, and the quality of your life.